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The page you are on features Southern or Summer Milky Way Pictures (Formerly called "Southern Milky Way Gallery")


Northern or Winter Milky Way Pictures are on this page

Southern Milky Way: Nikon D810A & Nikon 85mm Lens

This image shows too many objects to name!  Some of the most prominent, from left to right, include:  Cat's Paw Nebula and NGC 6357, M6 with M7 (both open star clusters) above that, the Lagoon and Trifid Nebula, and finally the Little Star Cloud on the extreme right.

Details:  This is 55 minutes total exposure (11*5min) with the Nikon Nikkor 85mm f1.8 lens at f3.5 and ISO 800 with the Nikon D810A.  This is ever-so-slightly trimmed from the final stack, maybe 10 pixels, to clean up the edges.  Reduced (flats and darks) and converted to .tif in ImagesPlus, stacked in Registar, final processing in Photoshop CS6.  Taken from the September 2015 Davis Mountains trip.  Scroll down and you can see a similar field but with the 135mm Zeiss lens.

2010 Southern Milky Way Mosaic


The image above consists of 63*4 minute (4.2 hours total exposure) DSLR frames using a 55mm camera lens on the Canon 20Da DSLR combined to form a Mosaic.  Then I blended in additional prime focus (telescope) images.  More details and more blends below, and for labels of major objects and links to through-the-scope pictures.   Chanel is using this image; see alternate version here.


See more from the April 2010 West Texas Astro Pics


Scorpius Area Milky Way Locator (Basic)


Click here for the mouseover chart of this area, including the Barnard Dark Nebulae


Scorpius Wide Prime Blends

I re-blended this one to better bring out the telescope shots, which included the red nebulae and dark nebula.

Southern Milky Way - Wide-field Narrowband H-alpha

This is something you don't see every day, a wide-angle h-alpha image of the milky way.  From the upper right you can see IC4628 and a few other objects shown in the the images above.  In the middle you see a large dark nebula area with the pipe nebula above and a bit to the left.  Continuing on lower and left, there is the M20/M8 area, then M17 and M16.  These objects are well-displayed on my Star Cloud Milky Way area page.

Nikon 28mm lens attached to the SBIG ST-8300m camera from 4/26/14.  The image above consists of 27 5-minute H-alpha frames at f5.6.  See my West Texas 2014 page for some pictures of the equipment setup for this image.  My equipment rides on the AP 900GTO mountMy processing techniques are discussed here.

Southern Milky Way: Nikon D810A & Zeiss 135mm Lens

Shown here:  from left to right, include:  Cat's Paw Nebula and NGC 6357, M6 with M7 (both open star clusters) above that, the Lagoon is cut off on the right.  More from the Southern Milky Way is on my page dedicated to that area here.   Nikon D810A camera, Zeiss 135mm f2 APO lens at f4, just 5 frames of 5 minutes each (25 min total exposure). Piggyback on the AP 900GTO mountMy processing techniques are discussed here.  This one is from my Davis Mountains 2016 trip.


The Star Cloud Milky Way area is covered on this page


IC 4628, lower Scorpius

Cat's Paw Nebula, NGC 6334 plus NGC 6357

2010 Dark Nebula Pictures

M19, M62 are on the Southern Clusters Page

M7, Ptolemy's Cluster

Wide Angle Astrophotos

Star Cloud (M24) Pictures

M6, The Butterfly Cluster

Antares and Rho Ophiuchi Area

2010 West Texas Astro Pics

A Visual Index to all the cool objects around M8 and M20 is here.

Pipe Nebula

Wide Angle Astrophotos

Other Pictures from the Davis Mountains are here


Old Film Work:

Check below for some real colorful images of  the Spring/Summer Milky Way area at your choice of sizes.  Kind of crazy colors on these...


Milky Way Dark Nebula


Above: Some of the Southern Milky Way Galaxy by Dick Locke, May 2004, Davis Mountains, TX.  Check out the detail in the dark dust lanes, especially in the lower right part of this photograph.  This is looking towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, generally towards Scorpius, the scorpion, and Sagittarius.    Davis Mountains, TX, May 17, 2004.  Nikon F2 camera, Nikon 55mm f2.8  Lens @f2.8, Kodak PJ 400 film, piggyback, STV auto guider, Losmandy GM-11,  Negative Scan, Nikon Coolscan IV ED, Processed in Photoshop .  Check out additional and more recent pictures of this area by clicking on the items below.


Antares Area #1. 

Antares area #2: small (640)

large (1024)

Winter Milky Way Pictures Here

medium (800)

Pipe Nebula

Other Links:


Northern Sagittarius, 135 mm

Gamma Cygni

Starry Nights Astronomy Images  (Astrophotos) Gamma Cygni

Crescent Nebula Image, NGC 6888, Cygnus Photo


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