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Barnard Object Locator - Mouseover


Check out the chart from "The Sky" astronomy software when you move your mouse over the picture.  The blue boxes and numbers in red indicate Barnard dark nebula objects.  The gold areas indicate larger objects.  The purple circles are planetary nebula and the cyan objects are HII regions and the little star icons represent clusters.  Details about the image are on the Milky Way Mosaic Page and a number of objects are on the Dark Nebula Page.  You can make out part of the Pipe Nebula, not labeled, on the far left. Here's "The Sky" image by itself



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IC 4628, lower Scorpius

Cat's Paw Nebula, NGC 6334 plus NGC 6357
Star Clusters M19, M62 are on the Southern Clusters Page
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M7, Ptolemy's Cluster

M6, The Butterfly Cluster

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M19 and M62: Southern Clusters 

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