Wide Angle Astrophotography
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Wide-field astronomy pictures.

Deep Southern Summer Milky Way

Star Cloud, Northern Sagittarius Area

Trifid and M8 Area

Pipe Nebula

Antares and Rho Ophiuchi Area

Milky Way in Sagitta Area

(Barnard's E)

Cygnus Area Wide Angle Shots

North American Nebula Area

Butterfly Nebula - Gamma Cygni

Winter Milky Way Pictures

Orion: Widefield

Nebulosity Galore (2007)

Cassiopeia Area Wide

Heart & Soul

Perseus Area Images, with Shooting Stars & M45


Cepheus Area Wide


Link to Orion area shot
Link to Auriga area shotNorthern Sagittarius, 135 mm

South Aquila and Scutum Area

M16 on extreme lower left.

QHY8 CCD Camera with a Nikon 55mm f2.8 lens at f4, AP 900GTO mount, Davis Mountains, 2008.


Some older wide-field images below


October 2008 Astro Images

Cygnus Area Astrophotography Index

Nebula Pictures

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