Wider View of the North American & Pelican Nebula Area in Cygnus
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North American Nebula Area:  D810A & Nikon 85mm f1.8 Lens

This is from the Fall 2015 trip to the Starry Nights B&B in Wimberley TX.  It shows the North American Nebula & Pelican Nebula areas in the middle, with the Butterfly Nebula area to the right.  Image Details: Nikon D810A camera, Nikon 85mm f1.8 lens at f4.5, about 3 hours total exposure (35 * 5 minutes).

Northern Cygnus Area

The images above & below are from 2012, captured in Wimberley, TX.  Exposure was 44 minutes (11*4) with the modified Canon 20Da and 85mm f1.8 lens at f5.6

Combination of the North American Nebula and Sadr Area

See also the Butterfly Nebula Sadr Area picture

North American Nebula Area

Image Details:  Combination of 9 x4 minute images using a Nikon 180mm f2.8 ED lens at f4 on my Canon EOS 20Da, Losmandy G11.  Another image using my  DSLR Workflow.  October 2006 from Wimberley, TX

More Information from SEDS: "This nebula is lying 3 degrees from bright Deneb, Alpha Cygni. Some people claim it may be visible to the naked eye under good, dark conditions, and a preferred object for amateur astrophotographers. The distance to the North America Nebula is estimated at 1,600 light years. The North America Nebula was perhaps detected by William Herschel who cataloged a "faint, extremely large, diffuse nebulosity" near its place under his catalog number H V.37. John Herschel definitely found it and cataloged it as h 2096 and later as GC 4621. It was first photographed by Max Wolf on December 12, 1890. "

Processing Notes: I used GradientXterminator on this one.

Starry Nights October 19th and 20th 2006

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