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What is a nebula?  Click here.  Generally, nebulae are glowing regions in space, often associated with star formation.  The red nebulae glow with mostly H-alpha emissions.  Sometimes light is reflected off interstellar dust to form blue Reflection Nebula (click here to see my reflection nebula pictures).  Images and recreations of the nebulae are often used in movies and TV shows, so some photographs may look familiar.

2021 Highlights:

The Tadpoles in IC410

Heart & Soul

Western Veil Nebula Pictures



Narrowband Images (Color Camera)

Narrowband Images (Monochrome Camera)

California Nebula Mixes

Orion Nebula
, plus:
Comparative Close-Ups of the Orion Nebula

M8 Lagoon Nebula Area: Close-up

IC1396: The Elephant Trunk Nebula

Cygnus Wall

Horsehead Nebula Pictures

Dark Nebula Pictures

Bubble Nebula Area

Rosette Nebula

Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree Cluster

North American and Pelican Nebula

The Pleaides (The Seven Sisters, or M45)

Trifid Nebula, M20

Pelican Nebula

Antares Area, Prime Focus
and Antares area widefield

Antares Area:  The Sky's Best!

Rho Ophiuchi Nebula, IC 4603, IC 4604

The Pipe Nebula, Antares, Rho Oph area

Western Veil Nebula Pictures

Eastern Veil Nebula Pictures

IC 4628, lower Scorpius

M16 Eagle Nebula

Butterfly Nebula Close-ups are here


NGC6559, IC4685, B303 Nebula

M8 and M20 Area Featured Pictures

Cave Nebula

IC 2177, Seagull Nebula

M17 (Swan/Omega Nebula)

Heart & Soul

Tulip Nebula Area

Cat's Paw Nebula, NGC 6634

NGC-7380: The Wizard Nebula


Reflection Nebula Page

NGC 1990 area

Witch Head Nebula (Witchhead Nebula) Picture

Thor's Helmet
NGC 2359

IC 2169
B37, IC447, IC 446

The Owl Nebula, M97

M-27 Dumbell Nebula Picture

Helix Nebula

IC 443 - Jelly Fish Nebula (Supernova Remnant)

Crescent Nebula Image, NGC 6888, Cygnus

The Flaming Star Nebula

M1, The Crab Nebula

M52 and Bubble Nebula

IC 417 (and NGC 1931) Pictures

(The Spider and the Fly)

The Tadpoles, NGC 1983 (the open cluster) and IC 410 (the nebula) in Auriga

NGC 281, the Pacman Nebula
(Pac Man Nebula)

NGC 2174, NGC 2127 (IC 2159) Pictures

NGC7822/Ced 214

Orion: Widefield Nebulosity Galore (2007)

Cocoon Nebula

NGC 6188
: two views

Narrowband Nebula Pictures Here


Orion Nebula Area, 300mm

Auriga Area, 300mm Lens

Alnilam (Epsilon Orion) Nebula, IC 426, NGC 1990



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