M8-Area-NGC6559, IC4685, B303 Nebula - Prime Focus Photos
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NGC6559, IC4685, B302, B303 Nebula
Also: IC Objects 4684, 1274, 1274; B91

This picture features the colorful area to the left (west) of the more famous M8, the Lagoon Nebula, near Sagittarius.  The dark nebula in the middle of it all is B303 (along with B302).  NGC 6559 is the glowing red nebula and is 5000 to 6000 light years away.


This is a combination of 20 x 4minute images night of 9/20/2006 at the HAS site.  Canon EOS 20Da (unmodified), Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor), Losmandy G-11 mount.    My current image processing workflow is here. 

This link (to another web site) has a mouse-over that helps identify this object and nearby objects.



Narrowband Showing Barnard 302 and Barnard 303


The image above appears to be about 11 frames with the TOA 130 from the 2011 trip to the Davis Mountains



M8 Lagoon Nebula close-ups

Wider View of above; cool dark nebula


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