The Tadpoles, IC 410 and NGC1983
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The Cosmic Tadpoles and Central IC410

This is an interesting object in Auriga, featuring the overall emission nebula (IC 410), the associated star cluster (NGC 1893), and the famous "Tadpoles" star forming region below/right of the center.

I figured out I had some gradients in the O3 I hadn't fully dealt with with that showed up in the outer areas of the frame. While I tried to deal with those, with some success, I decided that this close crop hid most of those issues and also represents the interesting central core area & the famous "tadpoles."


IC410 - Narrowband to "Natural Color"

 It's a "natural color" image consisting of about 12 hours total exposure from the back yard using narrowband filters to combat light pollution.

(Jan 2021) I have been working on IC410 over the last couple weeks... Then today I spent longer than I'd care to say walking through PixInsight & Keller's book to process the narrowband images captured. Final processing here was in Photoshop; this is about 12 hours split between Ha and O3 in a "natural color" blend. Just for grins you can see if you like these better than the 2007 image attached.
Current images with the ST-8300M camera & FSQ 85 (native).

IC410 Hubble Palette

Here's a hubble palette view of IC410. It represents further processing learning in PixInsight and some Photoshop Tweaks.

IC410 Tadpoles in H-alpha

This is 49 frames (split between 5 and 10 minute exposures) with the FSQ-85 and ST-8300M camera using an H-alpha filter.  Jan 2021, compare with earlier version below.

NGC 1983 (the open cluster) and IC 410 (the nebula) in Auriga

This object has "The Tadpoles," a bright feature just about 1/4 from the top/center.  The tadpoles are pointing down from this view but are difficult to see.  See the tadpoles in this narrowband image on my ST-8300 page.

This image is a combination of 44 images taken on separate occasions.  The main imaging session was the 3/2007 Davis Mountains trip.

Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor) and Canon EOS D20a

Tadpoles and IC410 - First Light with ST-8300 & TOA 130

Captured from my back yard: 8 frames exposed for 2 minutes each with a H-alpha filter.  I hand selected these frames as I wasn't autoguiding when I took the new camera on a shakedown cruise.  TOA 130 telescope with reducer.  See my IC410 Page for more on the tadpoles and a full-color view.


Old Version:  14x4 minutes (56 minutes total) from 1/2/2006


The rest of the images from the 1/2/2006 trip

Davis Mountains images from the 3/2007 trip


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