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 This is the index page for my Davis Mountains astronomy pictures.  The dark skies of West Texas have been where I've done most of my imaging the last few years. Contact and Image Use Information

Sun Setting on Domes at McDonald Observatory...  From ~7miles away, through my telescope!

The dome shot was from my setup location in the Davis Mountains, which have some of the darkest skies in the United States

This is the primary link to my Davis Mountains astronomy images.

Spring 2016 West Texas

September 2015 Pictures

Pictures from Spring, 2014

Pictures from West Texas, Fall 2013

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Scenic Pictures

Lightning Pictures

That's astronomy, right?

Rainbow Pictures

Yes, they're "real"

No pot of gold found 8-( 

Winter Milky Way Pictures

Thor's Helmet
NGC 2359

Two nights combined

IC410, NGC1983

Much deeper than before

M59 and M60

Galaxies galore!

Dark Nebula Pictures


109 minutes exposure

M40 & a few galaxies

18% illuminated moon...  Click to check out the interesting lighting along the terminator...



Not a link, just what you see above. Not that great an object... Shot while waiting to shoot something else.  Another object to check off the list of "imaged" Messier objects.  4 x 4 min = 16 minutes. 

West Texas Scenic Photography
Thin Crescent Moon, less than one day old:

2004 Davis Mtns Astro
Pictures Here

West Texas Wildlife Pictures


Christmas Tree Cluster and Cone Nebula

Dark Nebula Pictures

Cygnus Area Wide Angle Shots

Perseus Area: 2 Images, with Shooting Stars & M45

Cassiopeia Area Wide

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