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Orion Nebula

This is easy to image, but difficult to process, due to the extreme contrast between the bright core and the dim surrounding areas...

NGC 1983 (the open cluster) and IC 410 (the nebula) in Auriga


M45 with 20Da: 10/28/05 and 1/2/06

Jet at Sunset

It's great fun trying to track a jet airplane with a telescope on an equatorial mount!  This is a Continental 737-800 with the winglets per Skully; thanks!   Click the link above for more info & pictures.

The Flaming Star Nebula

The Moon?  No, Venus as a thin crescent.  See below.

Venus set at 7:03 p.m., shining at mag 4.4, and amazingly, is a crescent in this photo only 4.33% illuminated.  The 12% moon set at 20:45.  One of the stars of Capricornus is visible upper left.

Imaging data from this evening: The images from this session feature 69 averaged flat frames median combined, along with 16 dark frames averaged.  Temperature ranged from ~51 degrees F at the start of imaging to 42 degrees when I was packing up and doing my last darks. My current image processing workflow is here.

I took some fixed tripod constellation shots this night, also.  Look for the images marked HAS site.

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