NGC 6188 & 6193 Nebula in Ara!

How Low Can You GO? Two Views
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NGC 6188, NGC 6193 Prime Focus

From my 30 degree north latitude the objects on this page rises to a maximum of 10.5 degrees above the horizon, and the 13 frames were shot at elevations of 9 to 10.5 degrees.  Obviously this is not ideal, but this object is in Ara, which is not visible for a lot of North America as it's too far south.  Has anyone in the northern hemisphere even heard of Ara? ;-)  I understand that NGC 6193 is the open cluster near the bright stars mid-left.  NGC 6188 is the emission nebula in the area (the red stuff!).

Above details: 13 * 5 minutes using Takahashi TOA 130  Telescope (a 5" APO refractor telescope) with the reducer, AP 900GTO mount, QHY8 CCD CameraOther pictures from the camera are are here.  Images processed using my Astronomy Image Processing WorkflowOther March 2009 Astronomy Images

NGC 6188 Area Wider View

Above:  The red emission nebula called NGC6188.  Acquired March 2009, Davis Mountains.  Other March 2009 Astronomy Images are here.

Assembled from 14 * 4 minutes with a Olympus Zuiko 135mm  f2.8 camera lens at f5.6, mounted to my Canon EOS D20a

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