Northern Sagittarius Area
Davis Mountains, TX, June 3, 2000
Photo by Dick Locke
20 minute exposure (some guiding)
Piggyback on Losmandy GM-8
Pentax K1000, 135mm Takumar (Pentax) 2.5 lens at ~f3
Kodak PJ-400
Negative Scan, Minolta Scan Dual
Processed in Photoshop

Notes:  This  is a short telephoto shot of the area north of Sagittarius.  It actually encompasses parts of Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, Serpens Cauda, and Scutum.  On the lower right, the large red area is M8, known as the Hour Glass Nebula and the Lagoon Nebula.  Just to the left is a fainter nebula known as NGC 6559  Above these two objects you can see a smaller red area next to an even smaller blue area.  This is M20, the Trifid Nebula. Up higher is M23, an open cluster.  (Click here to see a blowup with more detail of these areas.)  To the lower left you can see the open cluster M25.  Above that is M17, the Omega or Swan Nebula, and above that M16, the Eagle Nebula.  (The latter Nebulae are red blobs.) In the middle-left is M24, the Little Star Cloud.  See my annotated pipe nebula picture for object identification!

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