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Thanks for visiting my web site.  This page features some images that have been used commercially.


My Snake Nebula Area image (top of this page) is featured in the June 2017 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine.


Chanel has licensed the Orion Nebula and Southern Milky Way images, below, presented "full size"!  They're using the images in a press release CD in association with a new watch.


The Orion Nebula

Stars are being born, literally, in the Orion Nebula.  Check this page for more information about the great nebula in Orion.  I cleaned up the Chanel version of the above image, which was shot with my Canon 20Da camera.  Check out the milky way picture, below.


Southern Milky Way

This mosaic is composed of 4 hours total exposure, near Scorpio's tail.  The area is rich in astronomical objects of many kinds.  This picture includes open star cluster M6 as well as the Cat's Paw NebulaLots more details, and a reference chart, are at this link.  Chanel licensed these images for use in a press release CD.  See more about the Milky Way here, and the Orion Nebula here.



Honey Bee and Colorful Flowers (Milkweed)

This colorful bee picture was licensed by a Canadian honey company.

Thin Moon

This image graces the cover of a book, click for more info.

Colorful Texas Wildflowers...

...made the cover of an annual report.

2/13/2007:  The Credit on the Contents page reads: "ON THE COVER:  A sequence of three Moons highlights the unusual yet breathtaking views seen during a total lunar eclipse.  Photos by Dick Locke."


This picture is licensed by Stinkbug.com, my web hosting provider.

The Pleiades

This photograph of The Seven Sisters ("The Pleiades") is incorporated into an exhibit at Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii.



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