Starry Nights Gamma Cygni October, 2003

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Butterfly Nebula - Newer version shown  here

Gamma Cygni Region

The crescent nebula feature at the upper right can be seen in this full pixel sized crop here: Crescent Nebula Image, NGC 6888

Gamma Cygni (Butterly Nebula) Images: Wide-Field

Image by Dick Locke, Stack of 2 Photos 10/23/03, 17 minutes and 30 minutes
Wimberly, TX,
at the Starry Nights Bed and Breakfast
(perfect astro weather that night, the STV was averaging less than 1 arc second corrections all night)
Takahashi FS-102 telescope, prime focus with reducer at 610mm focal length, f5.9

SBIG STV autoguider using Celestron ST-80 guidescop
Losmandy GM-11 mount
Kodak LE 400 film, OM1n camera
Negative Scan, Nikon Coolscan IV ED, Processed in Photoshop

Click to Sun to see the sunspot pix from this trip.

Cygnus Area Wide Angle Shots

Gamma Cygni (Butterly Nebula) (4/01)

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