Oct. 2003 Starry Nights Tripod Astro Pictures

Starry Nights Astronomy Images October 2003 Prime focus & Piggyback images here

Fixed Tripod Constellation images from my trip to the "Starry Nights" B&B in Wimberly, TX. 

I was was treated to some great weather out in Wimberly (in the hill country between Austin and San Antonio) during a short trip in October 2003.  While taking some longer astronomy images, I enjoyed the constellations rising over the hills to the east and took a few pictures.

Details:  Nikon D100 Digital SLR set to ISO 1250.  1st image of the Pleiades (M45) 13 seconds, Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro lens @ f2.8.  Second image of The Pleiades and Taurus (the 'V' pointing to the right, just above the taller trees) 15 seconds, Nikon 50mm f2.8 macro @ f2.8.  Third image of Orion also 15 seconds, Nikon 35mm f1.4 lens @ f2.8.  Again, these are fixed tripod shots.  Note the stars trailing in the first image with the longer lens (more magnification).  They're visibly trailed in the other images as well, but when resized for the web it's difficult to see.

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