NHAC (old) Neal Site: Orion Setting over the Pond
(and completion of my Messier hunting!)
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Orion Sets Over the Neal Site Pond
Shortly after sunset... Check out the stars reflected in the pond, thanks Jeff for pointing those out!  Jeff has a very cool star trails picture you should check out!  Exposure details towards bottom of page.

Orion Sets, 14 mm (super wide!)
Exposure details towards bottom of page.

4/30/2005: Cloudy and quite cool when I arrived around 5:30ish, the skies cleared around sunset just as predicted.  A small but high quality group with Aaron, Jeff, Don, the Nortons, and one more party.  I was planning to do some prime focus.  After shooting Orion over the pond with Jeff, I decided to tackle the 4 remaining Messier objects I had yet to locate as they were all conveniently located in a clear part of the sky, and it was time.  Ground/Pond fog started causing trouble, and around midnight it really got out of control.

Messier Completion (Note: no goto here, everything found manually...):  I'm happy to say I found them all (M61, M49, M91, and M88).  I used my 35mm Panoptic EP, which provides a 2.22 degree field in my Takahashi TOA 130.  I also used The Sky on my laptop in conjunction with Pennington's Messier Marathon field Guide.  Since I'm not very familiar with this part of the sky, I spent some time getting oriented naked eye.  I wanted to find Epsilon Virginis, aka Vindemaitrix ("Vind" from now on), and I starting trying to find Alpha Com and nearby M53 to get oriented.  Naturally, I started at the wrong place, I had gone to Vind. first. 

Once that was sorted out, I  started with M61, which is out in the middle of nowhere, though in fairness there is a mag 5 star in the neighborhood. Pennington's book pointed out that it's almost exactly halfway between Vind. & Beta (Zavijava) which was helpful.  Once I found that, I set The Sky's orientation to exactly match my EP view, and from there it was a simple matter to star hop and galaxy hop to M49.  After that, I went back to Vind. & star/galaxy hopped up to M91 and M88, which both fit into the same field of view...  A nice way to end 5 years of Messier hunting!

This was one of those heavy dew evenings.  My dewbuster controller (automatically senses scope temp & air temp to adjust power) sent full power to the objective dew strap all night.  I am happy to report that the equipment all stayed dry with the help of 8 assorted dew heaters & two deep cycle batteries.

Exposure details of Orion photos:
Top: Nikon D100, Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4D lens @ 24mm, 20 sec @ f3.5, ISO 1250, Cloudy-3 white balance.  In camera noise reduction, along with two separate passes of Neat Image noise reduction filter and some relatively minor curves and a slight crop in Photoshop.
Bottom: Nikon D100, Sigma 14mm f/3.5 lens, 8 sec @ f3.5, ISO 1250, full frame resized to 700 pixels with one pass of Neat Image noise reduction.  Focus wasn't perfect, but resizing & sharpening hides that ;-)

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