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Pictures of Star Clusters by Dick Locke.   Star Clusters are simply groupings of stars, and the groups are smaller than galaxies.  There are two types: Globular and Open.  This page is evolving to present a visual index of my star cluster pictures.

Featured:  December 2016 Double Cluster Area

Click here for a larger version of the double cluster shot along with object details.

Globular Cluster M4 in Scorpius

Omega Centauri & Southern Star Clusters

Clusters Page 2 (M67, M35, M50, M53)

M37, M68, M48, and M93, ET Cluster, NGC 457

Clusters Page 3

Clusters Page 4 (M5, M6, M7)

M6, The Butterfly Cluster

M7, Ptolemy's Cluster


2x5 minutes, reducer

M38, M36


Christmas Tree Cluster

Double Cluster Area

Double Cluster @ 180mm

NGC 6231
, a nice open cluster near IC  4628


NGC 6231
, a nice open cluster in Scorpius

Close-up of globular cluster M4.  Click on thumbnail, or here for Antares area page.

M52 and Bubble Nebula


A small cluster in Lepus...  4 x 4 min = 16 minutes. 

M13, M69 from 2007

NGC 2471, 2541, and M4

This was an old Nikon D100 DSLR Image of Omega Centauri from the Davis Mountains, 05/2004.   New Omega Centauri here.

NGC 2477, (just a picture here) another nice cluster, in Puppis.  This was a fun early-evening target.  More info below.


Open cluster in Canis Major

NGC 2451
(just a picture here), an early evening open cluster.  I must say it looked great  in binoculars, and the picture doesn't do it justice.   This is in Puppis and was too far south for Messier to see.  More info on this page

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Perseus + Auriga, Wide Angle

Perseus Area, 50mm, 10min, f2.8


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