Comet Machholz and The Seven Sisters
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Comet Machholz & M45 (The Pleiades/The Seven Sisters) -Dick Locke

Above: This comet has "subtle" tail(s) (easier to see the tails in images below maybe).  Stack of 6 images of varying durations and fstops (f2.8 through 5.6), Nikon D100, 180mm f2.8 ED lens, guided,  ISO 1600.  Images averaged in Registar and processed in Photoshop.

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(My first effort)

Nikon D100, 180mm f2.8 ED lens, guided, 150 sec, ISO 1600, in-camera noise reduction.  This was my first effort with minimal processing.  See if you think the one below is better.

Sky and Telescope has a lot of info on this comet here:


Above: Larger and more processed view.  I applied a flat-field frame to remove lens vignetting as best I could; the bright area in the mid-frame should be mostly "real."


Check out the intersecting satellite trails on this version.   76sec exposure on D10, 180mm f2.8 ed lens, ISO 1600

Latest pix from NHAC site by Dick Locke, as of Jan '05.  Comet Machholz was an easy naked eye object the night of Jan 8,2005 at the NHAC's Neal observing site.  There was subtle evidence of a tail in the scope, and could also barely see the tail in binoculars.  It's easier to see the tail in these pictures.

North Houston Astronomy Club (NHAC) stuff: Conditions at the site were outstanding, save for the inevitable dew - which was "heavy."  Transparency started out vg-ex, and went downhill a bit 10-11, and stayed g-vg until I headed out the gate in the wee hours.  There were no cloud threats of any kind from horizon to horizon all night.  There was a bit of the ground fog, mostly by the pond on the E. end of the field.    (By the time I got to Conroe it was overcast!)  Seeing was vg-ex all night.  Temps bottomed out at around 43F, which is pretty cold when you're in a dew soaked field.  I have added a second deep cycle battery to my dew fighting arsenal and needed all the juice I could muster.  Terry drained his battery and had to head out relatively early.  Very surprised that only Terry,  Don and myself were the only ones out on a prime Saturday night!  

Photos by Dick Locke.   This page was last updated 10/29/07. 

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