The Double Cluster Area: Huge Mouseover
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Huge Mouse-over Double Cluster Area

The above image shows the Double Cluster, along with the Heart and Soul Nebulae.  Move your mouse over the image and a chart from "TheSkyX" will appear showing you the position of numerous objects of interest.  I used the Losmandy Starlapse on this one, along with the Nikon D810A and a Nikon 85mm f1.8 lens at f3.2.  Image consists of 187 one-minute exposures via my current image processing workflow described here.  This is obviously a star-studded area of the sky, with the original image showing 335,474 distinct stars as counted by Registar.  Images captures 11/30/16 at The Starry Nights B&B.


The famous Double Cluster (NGC869 and NGC884) is a beautiful binocular object & relatively easy to find.  The red nebulous areas of  IC1805 (above) and IC1848 (lower) are difficult visually but show up on long exposure astrophotos shot with specialized cameras.  These are known as the "Heart and Soul" nebulae, with IC 1848 being the Soul and IC 1805 being the Heart.  IC1805 does look a like a heart in close-ups, and some astroimagers have referred to IC1805 as the "Sole" in that it does resemble the sole of a shoe in close-ups. 


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