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Big Saturn

Saturn's rings are fairly "open" in the 2005 images on this page.  Compare with the Spring 2009 image immediately below.  Sky & Telescope has an article describing the changes in the rings in 2008/2009.  My "main" planets page is here

Supersized Saturn and Thin Rings

Detials:  Back yard on 5/20/2009 with the webcam, from a 1.5MB .avi file 640x480, then 2x sized in Photoshop.  The rings are near edge-on in late Spring, 2009.   I really need a bigger scope to do justice to Saturn when it's this dim, but with a child in college it's best not to think about that...  This is with the 5" refractor, the 1.6x extender, and a 5x barlow lens.



Using the Celestron "NexImage" and Takahashi TOA 130 telescope, 2x barlow, 22 seconds of video processed in Registax.  This is the first night with the NexImage on Saturn

Did you know Saturns rings are thought to average only 10 meters thick?  Check out these awesome NASA Saturn pics: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/04/cassinis_continued_mission.html

NASA information about Saturn is here


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