The Double Cluster - old film 180mm image.
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Double Cluster

This is a closer view (180mm lens on a film camera) of the famous Double Cluster (NGC869&884).  This is through a 180mm camera lens, which is a very "normal" telephoto focal length.  (The longer lenses are where you start to get into the big glass/big bucks.  By way of comparison, my old Tak FS-102 telescope was 820mm or 610mm focal length, depending on whether I use the focal reducer.)  On the lower right you can see part of IC1805, The Heart Nebula.  This area is in the middle of the Winter Milky Way.  Lots o' stars!  The wider view is worth seeing.  There's also a cropped view from a 135mm lens for comparison.

This picture shows a bit of a hot spot in the middle doe to a lack of flat-fielding.

Davis Mountains, TX, November 19, 2000
Photo by Dick Locke
10 minute guided exposure
Losmandy GM-8, Camera mounted using DSBS system
Nikon F2 camera, Nikon 180mm ED f2.8 lens @f2.8
Kodak PJ 400 film
Negative Scan, Minolta Scan Dual, Processed in Photoshop

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Copyright 2000, 2006, Dick Locke.  All Rights Reserved.
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