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M109 plus many dim fuzzies

Two galaxies in Ursa Major, roughly 11 million light years away from earth.  You can just make out the faint spiral arms in M81.  Yet another example of Nikon D100 astrophotography.  Stack of 5 images, details similar to image below.  There's another galaxy (NGC3077, listed as mag 10.8) ) off to the right on the edge of the frame... Click here for larger version of M81/82.

Single M81/82 image from 3/11/2005
Still need to stack etc.  116 sec, TOA 130, reducer, Nikon D100 DSLR at ISO1600 with in-camera noise reduction. (Above)


Four Galaxies:  M81, M82, NGC 3077 (above), and NGC 2976 (Left)

Above: 22 minute exposure, Takahashi FS 102 telescope, Kodak LE400 film.  More exposure would help!  You might barely be able to make out the knot in the middle of M82, right; and a bit of the spiral in M81, left.  5/2004 in West Texas, Davis Mountains.


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M109 plus many dim fuzzies


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