Texas Hill Country Pictures: Wimberley 2015
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You might be interested in the Texas Hill Country Birds here!  See the Scenic Pictures here.  Main Bugs Page here.

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Starry Nights pictures.  Dragonflies and Damselflies here

Day to Night to Day - Panning Time Lapse with the Milky Way - Interesting cloud action on this one.

Milky Way Time Lapse, Day to Night to Day in 56 seconds - Oct 14, 2015 - The telescope is busy all night on this one.

M8 Hubble Palette

I finished up my Lagoon Nebula narrowband exposures on this trip.  See the big "natural color" Lagoon Nebula on my M8 page here.

Meteor over the B&B

This shooting star was from 10/9/15;  I caught it on a time lapse frame.

Tulip Nebula Area in Cygnus

This narrowband image features the Tulip nebula.  It is the bright object on the left, also known as SH2-101, cataloged by astronomer Stewart Sharpless.  Sharpless created a catalog of HII objects, many of which are good but challenging targets for amateur astronomers.  I was inspired to tackle this area by Don Taylor's excellent image shown here.  I need a lot more exposure to come close to what Don accomplished.

Image Details: This is a Hubble Palette narrowband image, composed of 6.5 hours total exposure:  37 * 5 min H-alpha, 18 * 5 min SII, and 23 * 5 min OIII.  Image captured at Starry Nights in 2015.   AP 900GTO mount, SBIG ST-8300 camera along with the Takahashi FSQ-85 "Baby Q" telescope (without the reducer).  My processing techniques and workflow are discussed here.

More images of this area are on my dedicated Tulip Nebula Area page here.

Cosmic Bubble

I also completed capture of the area around M52 and the Bubble Nebula on the trip.


Common Green Darners

I had fun visiting the pond on this trip.  The bugs were busy!  See details on the above on my green darners page here.

North American Nebula Area:  D810A & Nikon 85mm f1.8 Lens

This is from the Fall 2015 trip to the Starry Nights B&B in Wimberley TX.  It shows the North American Nebula & Pelican Nebula areas in the middle, with the Butterfly Nebula area to the right.  Image Details: Nikon D810A camera, Nikon 85mm f1.8 lens at f4.5, about 3 hours total exposure (35 * 5 minutes).


Cygnus Wide-field

Tulip Nebula Area

Cygnus Wall

M8 Lagoon Nebula Area

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