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This is my Takahashi FSQ-85 telescope page.  This "Baby Q" is an 85mm APO refractor I'm starting to use in spring 2011.  More about my astrophotography setup is here on my main equipment page.

Takahashi FSQ-85 along with the ST-8300 camera & FW8-8300 Filter Wheel

The small 5.4 micron pixels make the ST-8300 a good match for the short focal length "Baby Q" refractor.   This shows the reducer and required 3 small rings including the TCA 1020.  Reference data about this scope is below.

FSQ85 without the Reducer, using the CA adapter and two rings (notably, the TCA 1020 is not used).

FSQ-85/Reducer, QHY8, Casady pointing saddle

FSQ-85/Reducer, ST-8300.  This shows a good shot of the 3 rings, a 9, a 7.5, and the TCA1020 needed for use with the reducer.

FSQ-85 Reference Data




 0 .73x  REDUCERS,  FSQ-85 with Reducer


**TCA1020 + TMW0004


**TCA1020 + TMW0001


SBIG ST8300 +FW5

TCA1020 + TCD0385 + CAMERA

TCA1020 + TCD0075 + TCD0009


TCA-1020 + TCD0350 + CAMERA


TypeModified Petzval 4-element double ED flat-field design
Focal Length450mm
Focal Ratio [Prime Focus]f/5.3
Image Circle [Prime Focus]60mmØ 5.6°
Usable Back Focus200mm


With Reducer - QE .75x

Effective Focal Length w/reducer328mm
Effective Focal Ratio w/reducerf/3.86
Image Circle40mmØ
Image Field7.0?
Metal Back Distance72.2mm

FSQ-85 first ST-8300 light, 4/1/2011, below.  This is 12*2 minutes with the Orion nebula only about 25 degrees elevated, from the back yard, fair transparency.  Scroll down for details.  My ST-8300 Narrowband imaging page lives here. 

FSQ-85 (reducer), Sbig ST-8300, H-alpha Filter "First Light"

This shows a bit of the faint nebulosity in a fairly wide area around the  Orion Nebula, also see Comparative Close-Ups of the Orion Nebula, shot with a H-alpha filter on a monochrome CCD camera through a Takahashi "Baby Q" telescope (the subject of this page!) 

Image details: FSQ-85 First ST-8300 light, 4/1/2011.  This is 12*2 minutes with the Orion nebula only about 25 degrees elevated, from the back yard, fair transparency.  Astro-geek details: I used 100 EL panel flats, maybe 50 flat darks (these flats need a relatively long 4+ second exposure), and 32 dark frames; camera temp -5 degrees C, rough polar alignment and guided, captured and processed in CCDSoft, focus assisted with a "GoldFocus" mask & software.


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