Nikon D810A and Zeiss 135mm Astrophotography
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This page has some images that present the capabilities and limitations of the Zeiss 135mm lens when paired with the Nikon D810A camera (Nikon's first camera designed for astrophotography).  The full designation of the lens is:

Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF.2 Lens

Antares and Rho Ophiuchi Area: Nikon D810A and Zeiss 135mm Full Resolution

This is a crop of the image presented on the page at the link below (see that link for more details about the objects shown.)  The image above is presented at the full Nikon D810A camera resolution (i.e., not resized down).  My current image processing workflow is here.  This is from the Davis Mountains 2016 trip.

Antares & Rho Ophiuchi

Pipe Nebula and Dark Horse Area

See my Pipe Nebula page for details on this part of the sky and a "mouse over" swap that shows the Barnard dark nebulae in the area.  Nikon D810A camera, Zeiss 135mm lens at f4 riding piggyback and guided on the AP 900GTO mount.  This image is comprised of 20 frames of 5 minutes exposure each.  My image processing techniques and workflow are discussed here.  This is from the Davis Mountains 2016 trip.

There are reviews of the Zeiss lens here (Luminous Landscape) and here (the Digital Picture).

100% Crop D810A & Zeiss 135mm f2.8

A much larger and more processed version of this image is on my Wimberley 2017 page here.  I did some star reduction in ImagesPlus; but the point of presenting it here is to give you an idea as to the star quality of the lens.  Note, Hubble's Variable Nebula is on the far left.

100% Crop Before Star Reduction - Hubble's Variable Nebula Upper Left

Here's a 100% crop before any star reduction was attemped.

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