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This is the jump-off point for my various bird pictures.  Florida Birds is new.  We had a breeding Eastern Bluebird couple in our back yard and caught many pictures of them and their offspringBirds photographed exclusively from the HP yard are here.



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Texas Hill Country Birds

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Texas Warblers

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Black-bellied Whistling-ducks


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June 2009: Michigan Bird Pictures

Scrub Jays

Brazos Bend 2007 trip
(White Ibis, Little Blue Heron, Common Morhens, American Coots, Blackbellied Whistling Ducks, Red Earred Sliders (turtles)


Raptor pictures

Many Varieties of Sparrow

Barn Swallows


Below: Some old backyard bird photographs from The Woodlands, TX..  Nikon 300mm F2.8 lens (old AIS manual focus) on all shots. 


Red-bellied Woodpecker

To 7", this & next Kodak E200 film Nikon N90, 1/160s f2.8

Same bird

Slightly different color balance... Center weighted meter +.3stop exp. comp.

Jay #1

Nikon F3, Kodak E200 slide film.

Jay #2

Nikon F3, Kodak E200 slide film.

Carolina Chickadee (to 5")

Nikon F3, Kodak E200 slide film.


2 Chickadees

Momma Cardinal

The next set: Nikon F3, Fuji 800 print film, so there's more grain in these than the others. Shot in low light so fast film was needed.

Momma Cardinal #2

This & the next two were processed in Grain Surgery.

Titmouse, Tufted and/or Bridled

Settle down, Bevis!


possibly with the tuft folded down when being cautious or inquisitive...

Inca Dove

Thank to Kenneth Drake for all the bird information!

Bird Setup: Backyard

Here's the 2016 bird setup, pointing at the bluebird house!

How to photograph Birds?  (Ken Rockwell link)

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