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I didn't realize there was such a variety of sparrows; they all kind of look alike!  I captured images of several varieties, especially late 2016.

Chipping Sparrow December 2016

White-throated Sparrow

Gil advises: ...first-year White-throated Sparrow. It still has a little bit of streaking and hasnít yet developed the yellow supraloral spot you would see in an adult.


Rufous-crowned Sparrow December 2016

Male Chipping Sparrow in Breeding Plumage

This little guy was enjoying a bath.

Lincoln's Sparrow

Not the best image, but "for the record."

Male House Sparrows on Feeder

I messed with some interval exposures of the bird feeders the weekend of 8/14/15. This was with the D810A, 200mm macro, f10, ISO 800, 1/400s, in the back yard.

Savannah Sparrow Backyard Feb 2016


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