Comet Photos: 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann
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73 P, Component C, 4/30/2006, 1:47 a.m. CDT

Taken the night of 4/29 at the HAS site near Columbus.  This is a single 4 minute exposure, full frame, ISO 800.  See the shots from earlier in the week below.  Equipment same as below.   The other HAS Pix from 4/29/2006 are here.

Comet 73P Component C -  (B is below)

4/26/2006 from HAS site.  Above: 2 minute exposure of  with Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor telescope) and Canon EOS D20aI was fighting thin clouds all evening!  These two images were the best I could manage.  This comet has split into multiple pieces which makes it somewhat unpredictable from day to day - it's essentially disintegrating as we watch!.  Above is the "C" fragment, and below the "B" fragment. 

Comet 73P Component B

This comet fragment seems to be more colorful than the other, though that may be due to the sky conditions I was fighting.  This is a 3 minute exposure at ISO 800.

Observing notes:  I observed B and C with various binocs Wed. night (4/26/2006) and Saturday night (4/29/2006) from the HAS site near Columbus TX USA.  I got a hint of a tail on C and not much on B.  It seems that perhaps B dimmed a bit from from what I remember on Wed.  B looked like a large, bright galaxy both nights.  Hard to make comparisons as transparency was not as good on Wed as Saturday during times I observed the comets.  I definitely was not able to observe the comet fragments naked eye.  I tried several times for C near the zenith to no avail.

 The other HAS Pix from 4/29/2006 are here.

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