Spiders, featuring Argiope aurantia (Giganticus Bigassus Texspideroid)   by Dick Locke
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There are more spider-related links below, and  My Spider Webs page is here.  I also have a backyard spider page and third spider page with a tarantula and various other spider pictures here.  Spiders also enjoy dining on insects.

Backyard Argiope

This is some sort of "Writing Spider" from the backyard, 6/7/2015.  Scroll down for a similar spider & more discussion.  My backyard/Texas spider page has additional Argiope picturesThere's a time lapse video of this spider working on her web here.  Nikon D750 & Nikkor 200mm f4 micro (macro) lens; handheld at f6.3, 1/1000s, ISO 1000.  This page has some information about Argiopes.

Web Weaving:  See a short time-lapse video

Pleasant Lake Jumping Spider (Bold Jumping Spider)

Check out the green "fangs" on this guy from Pleasant Lake, Michigan, June '09.  He is lit up with the setting sun's soft red rays at the end of one of the longest days of the year.  He really got busy about an hour after sunset; there were quite a few very small moths attracted to the light from the cottage for dinner.  He's on a screened window, with the shade pulled on the inside of it.  I had the tripod, Nikon D200, and Nikon Macro lens going on this guy.   This is at f18, 1/20s, ISO 400.  I'm glad he was holding still, it allowed me to get a good solid focus on the eyes and "fangs."

Thanks always to Gil, who identified the spider and provided the following: This is one of the jumping spiders, family Salticidae, and I believe it to be a Bold jumper, Phidippus audax.  Males have green chelicerae (= "fangs").  See also:  http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/796036

Lake Spider View 2

I like the look of this little guy; devious and tricky I think.



More spider pictures, page3

New Spiders (Still More Spiders)
Close-ups, including a colorful green spider

Golden Orb Weaver Spider

AKA: Black-And-Yellow Argiope, Golden Orb Weaver, Yellow Argiope, Writing Spider, Golden Garden Spider
(Walt W. on the Olympus list suggested: Giganticus Bigassus Texspideroid)

Above: Here's a picture of a spider hanging around the B&B we stayed at in Wimberly, TX. 

(Now back to the original story.)  I named him "Boris," which my wife didn't understand as she wasn't really into The Who way back when ;-)  Subsequently I found it really is a "Doris."

Someone asked "How big is that thing?"  One of the links below suggests they get to be 1 and 1/8" across (whatever way across is), but I think this one may have been bigger than that. It was definitely a spider you could see easily, not like some spiders that are so small you can barely see them ...

Shot details:  This was made possible by equipment sold to me by the members of the Olympus OM camera mailing list! Shot on my OM2s (thanks Tom!), Vivitar 90mm macro (thanks to another list member whose name I forget, sorry), handheld, Kodak RG 100 print film, ~f8 at about 1/250 plus or minus one fstop in either direction.  I was bracketing around "sunny 16."   Scanned on my Nikon Coolscan IV ED & cropped & processed in Photoshop 6.0  True Confessions:  I did jazz up the color saturation a tad (who needs extra-color films when you have Photoshop?)  It really was hand held, leaning against a bush, standing on tippy toes.  Fortunately there was a lot of light which allowed a small fstop for good depth of field as well as a fast shutter speed.  The direct sunlight in this shot nicely highlighted the funny web thing this spider does.  You can't see this in the other shots not taken in direct sun.


A couple of unidentified but interesting spiders, click the pic


Marshland Spider

Argiope with Egg Sack
Photo by Paul Rieder, used by permission.


More Info on this type of spider (from U. of Mich, go blue!)       More pictures of this type of spider by others.

A spider page with major links.


More spider pictures

New Spiders (Still More Spiders)
Close-ups, including a colorful green spider
See the other funnel spider shots on my spider web page.
Marshland Spider


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