Olympus C4040 Zoom

I decided the time was right to jump into digital in early 2002.  We had purchased an Olympus Brio D100 as a Christmas present, and it performed well on our ski trip.  In addition, digital cameras are producing outstanding results for lunar and planetary imaging when used through a telescope.

Generally, the C4040 is a 4 megapixel camera & it features a fast f1.8 lens.  There are a number of great web links for this camera, such as Steve's Digicams C4040 review.  There's also the Digital Photography Olympus forum, and the Imaging Resource Review.

Update 6/13/2003.  I've become increasingly aware of the limitations of this camera compared to the "professional" SLR camera's I've become used to.  I'm looking to upgrade to a Nikon D100 (a Digital SLR that takes my existing Nikon lenses) when finances permit.

For an example of what's wrong with today's consumer digital cameras, see the picture at the top of this page.  Look at my forehead and notice how the highlights are totally blown out (all white).  Film doesn't do that, on good DSLR's won't either.

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