May 2003 Travel Photos

These are images from my recent travels to Reno, NV, and various parts of Michigan. Olympus C-4040 digital camera.

Me, Sam, and Striker, along with a great Lilac bush at Striker's place in Michigan.  Warm polarizing ("Moose") filter.

Baby Deer at my parent's house in Michigan.

View of Lake Tahoe.  All the Tahoe images used a warm polarizing ("Moose") filter.

Snow Squall coming at me!

Notice the different colors in the water

Another view of the Lake (North shore looking East)

A couple of work pictures..

...Cleaning & Cooling the machinery

More Michigan Pictures below

Momma Deer

Baby Deer, well hidden

My Parent's Place (Moose filter).

Morel Mushroom I stumbled across in the woods.

Everything was blooming, including this flowing ground cover.  Barbara M. identified it as Vinca Major.  I changed this one to jazz it up a bit on 6/1/03.  (Moose filter.)

All images cropped, resized, and lightly tweaked in Photoshop.

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