NGC 1365 Galaxy
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NGC1365 and Friends

NGC 1365 is the barred spiral galaxy on the left, with NGC objects 1386, 1389, 1387, 1379, 1381 and 1382 from upper right to lower left.  The bright red object in the upper middle is a mag 8 star.  Like Galaxy NGC 55 on my West Texas 2008 page, this only gets to be around 20 degrees above the horizon from my Texas locations.

32x5 Frames, Davis Mountains, October 2008 with the QHY8 CCD Camera in West Texas 2008.

NGC 1365 and Friends

These galaxies are low on the southern horizon from my location (Houston TX ares, about 29 degrees north).  This is an area between Eridanus and Fomax.  I decided to take advantage of the dark southern skies at the HAS site and go for this one.  I was imaging these guys looking just over the tree-tops.

The big, funny looking spiral galaxy on the lower right is NGC 1365.  Other NGCs:  The cigar-shaped galaxy in the upper-mid-left is 1386, and below that and to the left, 1369.  Much more exposure time would be required to do this justice.  This is 7x4 =28 minutes total exposure.  Being low on the horizon, this object needs more exposure that it would if it were directly overhead. 

NGC 1386 is the small cigar shaped galaxy at the top left of the frame above.  It's also in the frame of the NGC 1399 Area with mouseover page.

Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor) and Canon EOS D20a.   My current image processing workflow is here.

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