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Mirror and Normal Orientation
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New 2/13, 6.8 day old moon with some labeled features. Rima Ariadaeus nicely shown.
See other versions below.

The colorful Full Moon Moved to this Page

6.8 Day Moon, full camera resolution (4928x3264)

Takahashi TOA 130 telescope, Takahashi 1.6x extender, Nikon 1.4x extender, Nikon D7000 camera, 1/5 sec at ISO 100, 2/16/13.  That's about 2240mm total focal length.  It's almost like looking through the telescope!

6.8 Day Moon, half size, no labels from 2/16/13

Hatfield (Mirror Image) Labels

Rukl (Normal) Labels

Big Moon - just after full, 11/27/04
1/200 sec, Takahashi TOA130 f7.7, fl=1000mm, Nikon D100, cropped, camera resolution

"The Straight Wall" or Rupes Recta
8 day 16 hr old Moon 2/20/2002   Hatfield (mirror) orientation

Labeled Features for Rupes Recta
110 km long, 240-300m high
See more notes below.

Moon 4.6 days old.

Above: 7 day old moon features labeled

Moon age: 7 days 19 hours.  Rupes Recta (the Straight Wall) is barely visible in the middle.

8 day old Moon labeled

11 day old moon labels

Gassendi, M Humorum Doppelmayer area.  (11 day old moon)

Annotated 13 days 14 hr. Moon.

Rupes Recta - Straight Wall -  Rupes are fault scarps, where tectonic action took place.  This particular example is easy to see in just about any telescope.  Look for it when the moon is 8-9 days old.  It's located east of Birt in the eastern Mare Nubium.  It runs for 130 km, rising about 240-300 meters high.  It's just a moderate slope rather than a steep drop as it might appear.

Mirror Reversed Moon Maps:  I've always had trouble orienting myself when observing the moon.  My telescope shows a mirror reversed field, and most maps aren't drawn this way.  This page has some reversed images, with labels that help you get oriented when viewing.

Equipment Notes: Takahashi telescopes, Olympus C4040 digicam and Nikon D100 DSLR cameras, Losamandy GM8 and G11 mounts.

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I recommend the Virtual Moon Atlas software as an excellent resource for understanding the moon's features.

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