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Fall 2016 Update featuring the Gray Fox!

Texas Hill Country Gray Fox

This guy (or gal) hangs around the bird blind at the Starry Nights B&B as of fall 2016.  Beautiful animal.  Fun fact:  This is the only fox that climbs trees.

Gray Fox

Gray Fox in the Shadows

Yellowjacket, Vespula squamosa

Wimberley, TX, 2010.  See the big yellowjacket image, and details, on my wasp page.

Cactus Bug Party

Wimberley 2010.  See my main bug picture page for more Cactus Bug pics.

 Dragonfly Close-Up

 It's a real close shot of the blue and yellow dragon fly.  Check out the spiny legs!  Photo Notes: It's hand-held,  1/45 second at f11 with the Nikon D100 and 105mm AF f2.8D macro lens. 

Different angle on the dragonfly above


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