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My "main" moon page is here.  These are some eyepiece project moon pictures, along with a DSLR.  These with with a ScopeTronix adapter that I didn't keep very long.  I need to get out my Takahashi EP projection adapter and see what I can do one of these days.

Moon Pictures:  ScopeTronix MaxView DSLR II & Nikon D100 DSLR shots (add'l details below).   

High Resolution 4.6 day old moon

Above: large moon! 3008x2000 pixel, 360KB.  I kind of like this one.  I can't tell whether the craters on the mid-right-lower are innies or outies; it's like an optical illusion.  1/4 sec ISO 800 as described below.  1/14/2005, 7:48 p.m. US Central time.  Moon 4.6 days old, 27% illuminated.  9mm Nagler.

Above: named features for top high rez image.  Sorry for the varying orientation ;-)  Astronomy mag 2/2005 page 84,85 has a picture that partially overlaps my image, notably Rheita and Vallis Rheita (and Young).  This valley is 300 miles long by 20 miles wide.  Rheita is ~44 miles wide and Young is ~29 miles wide.  Also, check out the fault line in Petavius.

Bailly, (large crater top/right) 1/23/05, 20:26, 1/50 sec at ISO 500
Moon is 13.6 days old, 98.4% illuminated.

Nice View

The scarp is very visible upper left on this one.  1/14/2005, 4.6 day old moon for above 2 pictures.

All images shot through Takahashi TOA 130 (5") APO refractor & Televue Nagler 9mm eyepiece using EP projection.  Tough night with high clouds, bad seeing and trees!

Notes: 1st night out with the Scopetronix Maxview DSLR adapter that can take 2" EPs.  The camera t-ring was not securely protected so the jury's still out until that's corrected. 

Here's a close DSLR shot, full sized from 10/8/2005...

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