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Comet NEAT (C/2001 Q4) Photos (Terry Angelich, below)

22" Guide Scope!  See below.

Here is our entry in the Neat Comet pictures.  The photo was taken by me using the 22" as a guide scope at TSP.  I mounted my 35mm Minolta camera and a 200mm lens onto the back of the 22" telescope and placed the telescope onto the Jonsonian equatorial platform.  I guided the 12 minute exposure by hand tugging on the scope.  It was not as tough as it sounds.  The film used was the new Kodak Black and White 400 speed high resolution film that can be developed at the One- Hour photo store (process c-41).  Kurt scanned the negative and stretched the image to make this picture.  (The one hour photo print shows the same detail but seemed somewhat overexposed with respect to the sky black background).  Note the two tails.  ...   Thanks   regards  Terry Angelich  NHAC

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