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Starfish and Tidepool Pictures with Film)
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Starfish and Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

I like this wide-angle shot of a bright orange starfish in the foreground, with Haystack Rock on the upper left.  You can make out the orange dots of many other starfish clinging to the rocks.  The tidepooling is great.  Since this area gets so many visitors, there's a group of volunteers that try to keep the Mongol Hoards from trashing the sea life.  See the link at the bottom of the page for more info.

Fat and Sassy Starfish

These guys are well-fed.  Check out the anemones closed up underneath.

Vibrant Sea Anemones

Sea Anemones close up when exposed to air, so you need to shoot them submerged to get the full color.  I don't have submersible camera gear, so it's quite a challenge to maneuver into a good spot for images like this.  Check out the red guy on the upper right.

The full frame of the shot below this...

Starfish Buffet

So the starfish eat the clams if that's not clear.  They pry them open, and then digest the contents of the shell in a rather inelegant (but effective) manner.

Well-Fed Starfish at Low Tide

Another Sea Anemone from Haystack Rock

South Side of Haystack Rock at Low Tide
 California Dreamy, Below.

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 These pictures are from Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Here's a link for info about Haystack Rock, a protected marine and bird sanctuary.  This page features slide film images, I used some Kodak E200 and some Fuji Velvia 100...  Nikon N90S camera.  All images cropped, resized, and lightly tweaked in Photoshop.

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