Dick Locke's Losmandy Starlapse Setup
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Double Cluster with Starlapse.  I use it for panning time lapse movies.

Starlapse Setup December 2016

This shows the my Losmandy Starlapse setup as used for the double cluster image here.  The Nikon D810A camera is sporting a Nikon 85mm f1.8 lens here, and it is attached via a Acratech GV2 Ballhead which is a nice lightweight option for this type of deal.  The Starlapse tracking configuration shown here consists of a what is essentially a GM8 head with a RA drive, with an attached hollow bar, then attached to an arm, then a solid bar.  The purpose of all that is to allow the equipment to be configured for the best balance.  The Losmandy stuff tries to provide aiming capabilities but I find the ballhead essential for framing.  The whole mess is riding on a Gitzo GT3530S carbon fiber tripod & Gitzo G318 Carbon Fiber Center Column.  The head is a Manfrotto 405 Pro Digital Geared Head, supports 16.5 lbs and weighs 3.53 lbs.  This setup stresses the head a bit, but the next step up in geared heads is $$$.  Polar alignment is possible though I drilled out the central hole in the saddle to get more aperture.  In the double cluster image here I aligned and shot one-minute frames at 85mm on the full-frame camera and it was OK.  I wouldn't go with anything heavier or longer on this setup if I had a choice.

Starlapse Setup: Other Side

The bits of tape identify the role of the confusing components to help me remember how to configure everything!

The Losmandy link for the Starlapse is here.  I use it for panning time lapse movies.

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