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These birds are a real challenge to shoot for a number of reasons, but I like a challenge!

Red-tailed Hawk (2016)

Davis Mountains Spring 2016.

How the Red-tailed Hawk Got Its Name!

Davis Mountains Spring 2016.


Red-tailed Hawk Banking, Fall 2016

Starry Nights B&B from Fall 2016.

Red-tailed Hawk, Fall 2016


Starry Nights B&B from Fall 2016.

Turkey Vulture Spread Wings

This big fella was hanging out near sunset.  Starry Nights B&B from Fall 2016.

Coopers Hawk, Backyard, April 2017

Gil advises Notice how long and slim the bird is, especially the tail.  Cooper’s Hawks are accipiters, which eat other birds almost exclusively. They like to hang out at bird feeders and pick off the doves.

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