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Esperson Building

See links at bottom of page for info on one of Houston's most interesting buildings.  Still working at processing this photograph.  The Nikon D100 original shows a great deal of detail, and I'm going to work with several crops of this image.  See links at bottom for more info on this building.  Posted above crop 2/7/04. 


Enron Oval, Houston, TX

Nikon N90s, Sigma 14mm (super wide angle) lens, Fuji Velvia 50 film.



Foley's garage is in the center.  Notice the figure 8 reflections on the right side of the (old) Reliant building (near the top).  To the left of the reliant building, notice reflection of the white building in the glass building (just right of center).

All images: Nikon F2, Nikon 18mm lens, Fuji Velvia film, unless otherwise noted.


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